Tantrik Heart Evenings are an excellent and gentle introduction to the world of Tantra.

You will explore deeper ways of connecting and relating, both with yourself and others, eventually learning to create relationships that are more heartfelt, intimate and authentic.

Throughout the evening you will meet and connect with others in a safe and caring space. Most of these playful connections will involve gentle movement, breath, dance and touch, inviting you to wholeheartedly tune into your senses, consciousness and sensitivity. You will inquire into your own boundaries and become comfortable with saying NO and YES wit integrity and ease.

You will discover what brings you joy, delight and pleasure.

At the end of the sessions, you will leave feeling vibrant yet peaceful, with renewed confidence in your relationships with others.

For both love partners and individuals; complete beginners as well as those more experienced.


THE RETREAT NEW FOREST: 16 February – 7-10pm – click here to book your place



Join the sacred feminine space!

Welcome home, sister! The Goddess temple is a  sacred space where women gather to honor themselves, each other, and the Feminine principle in all life. 

How? Through movement, breathwork, gentle touch, meditation and dialogue. 

Come and liberate yourself and connect with your feminine essence. Learn practices to help you connect to your body, reconnect with your pleasure, vibrance and inner power! 

Awaken your magnificent femininity, becoming an inspiration and a source of joy and creativity. 

The Awakened Goddess is one who knows she is a force of nature. She is rooted in her earthy sensuality and has learned to embody the fierceness, beauty, and power of nature in her everyday life and in how she brings her gifts to the world. And that’s who you can become, too, by tapping into your feminine energy and finding new empowerment. 

This space is for women who wish to sit together in ceremony and sisterhood, who want to travel inside mysteries rooted in the magic of ancestral wisdom,  for women who wish to claim back their inherent power, connect to the web of life and their deep feminine essence and who feel a call to be in service to their own life and in support of others. 

The Goddess Temple is an offering for you to safely express yourself, for you to be witnessed in your beauty and grace, to feel connected, nurtured and empowered by your tribe so you can freely manifest your inherent potential and transform the world. 


Friday: 2 February – 7-10pm at The Retreat New Forest – click here to book your place

Heartful Connections – Valentines’s Fun for Singles

WEDNESDAY 14 FEB 7-10PM – click here to book your space!

This Valentine’s Day, be a part of “Heartful Connections”,  a unique event crafted for singles who want more than just a date. It’s an evening focused on fun, laughter, and real connections. Embrace a journey filled with playful moments and genuine interactions. “Heartful Connections” is where the extraordinary happens!

What to Expect:

  • Engaging Icebreakers: Start with fun activities to warm up and get everyone mingling.
  • Connection Activities:

               – Eye Contact Adventures: Delve into the thrill of silent conversations.

               – Playful Conversations: Engage in meaningful dialogues in a relaxed setting.             

               – One-on-One Time: Enjoy informal chats with other singles in a friendly atmosphere. 

Why Attend  “Heartful Connections”?

– Fun and Laughter: It’s all about enjoying the moment and making genuine connections.

– Meaningful Connections: Open to friendship or romance, the night is ripe with possibilities.

– A Fresh Take on Valentine’s Day: Step away from clichés into a night of memorable experiences.

– Leave with a Smile: Our aim is for you to leave feeling more joyful and open to love.

Who’s it For?

➳ Heterosexuals, pansexuals, polyamorous, monogamous individuals

What to Bring

➳ An open mind and a playful heart

➳ a cushion to sit on 

Join “Heartful Connections”, for a Valentine’s Day filled with unexpected delights and the chance to meet someone special in a way that’s anything but ordinary!

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