Chair Massage

Chair massage is specifically designed to be a flexible mobile treatment. It is an effective way to tension in the body and relieve stress. It is applied over clothes, takes between 15-30 min, can be carried out almost anywhere, and yet leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated. It is the perfect antidote to help counterbalance the effects of sitting at a desk for much of the day.

The treatment is tailored to suit your needs. Anja will create a bespoke routine just for you. Chair massage techniques provide an opportunity to deeply and completely treat the shoulders, neck, wrists, hips, head and the whole length of the spine. Anja uses acupressure-point therapy, a key mode of treatment within Chinese medicine for over 2000 years,  to stimulate and “turn on” your own self-healing mechanisms and correct functional imbalances, restoring body’s natural flow of energy and equilibrium. 

Chair massage therapy has been shown to:

· help reduce RSI (repetitive strain injury)
· relax muscles
· reduce tension
· ease headaches and eyestrain
· relieve aches and pains

More importantly, chair massage treatments have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of stress, so can offer great relief from the busy workplace and busy day to day life. 

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