Massage Therapy                    

Having experience in massage therapy as well as teaching yoga allows me to address my client’s needs a truly holistic way.

I specialise in therapeutic, deep tissue and pregnancy massage. I my work I integrate the knowledge and experience of adjusting and bringing the body into its natural alignment with a broad range of massage technology and tools.

I merge my knowledge of the human body in movement, yoga, anatomy and physiology both Western and Eastern approaches to deliver the most appropriate and beneficial treatment for my clients.

I work intuitively using a very suitable pressure and choice of individually tailored techniques not only to elevate the symptoms but also to treat the causes of the underlying issues.

My treatment might incorporate some passive stretching methods, strong and deep tissue work, tailored and gentle exercises as well as restorative and relaxation modules to relieve the pain, restore natural flexibility and movement, soothe the mind and uplift the body.

Anja will use acupressure point therapy which has been paramount in Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years to stimulate and “turn on” your own self-healing mechanisms and correct functional imbalances, restoring the flow of energy thus returning the body to a more natural state of well-being.

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