Hi, I’m Anja

I begun my journey into health and well-being when in my early twenties battling a very severe eating disorder. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until almost 30 that I finally found a solution, recovery and peace. I realized my own journey required me to embrace my body, mind and spirit in order to feel fully alive, connected and strong in myself. In my search, I was introduced to yoga by my best friend while travelling around small villages in Cornwall. The warmth I received while practicing yoga with this small rural community was profound. I had never experienced anything like it with other forms of exercise and body movement.

I have practiced many different styles of yoga throughout my journey, with many different teachers and I’ve witnessed my own healing and empowerment. While my body was cleansing, getting stronger and loosening up, the quality of my life also improved! I experienced better sleep, deeper relaxation, and a profound acceptance of life’s natural flow.

For me, the discipline of getting on my mat, whether for asana practice, meditation, kriya, chanting or pranayama; means aligning and unfolding my life to the divine nature and energy of the universe. It is like plugging in and recharging.

On the mat and beyond, I soon found myself in my element,and knew that I wanted to pass my experience to others.  That’s why I started to teach open classes and support vulnerable adults in their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction  -with some astounding results!

Over the years, I have  incorporated more modalities into my offerings, providing bespoke massage therapies, supporting women in their journey to motherhood and beyond through antenatal and postnatal services, visiting offices with my massage chair to bring  the very much needed tension release to stressed out office professionals, and I also empower my clients to manifest their highest potential using coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and deep body awareness.

My mission is for everyone to feel truly connected with themselves, who they are in their uniqueness and beauty and to always know that there is hope.

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