Anja’s coaching approach is based on a medieval Japanese Buddhist philosophy which deeply honours and respects all life. The belief underpinning this philosophy that everyone can reach their highest potential here and now, in this lifetime, as it is simply waiting to be uncovered and brought out to light.

Anja guides you to discover, realise and own your Inner Mastery while resolving any emotional, mental or physical roadblocks that have been holding you back from performing at your peak potential.

She is a qualified integrative, transformational NLP coach, teacher and body therapist. With help she overcame her own extremely compulsive eating disorder, body shame, fear of intimacy and sexual communion, co-dependency, and money issues – AND survived, took action, studied, and now help others overcome their challenges and succeed in transforming their own lives.

With 15 years of experience helping people with compulsive addictive avoidant patterns, Anja knows how to get you unstuck and move you towards your dreams.

With over 11yrs experience teaching yoga and bodywork therapy, she knows how your body works and how to help you maximise your future physical health potential.

She also has 8yrs experience in Tantra Yoga practice.  Utilising this, she offers a spiritual and holistic approach to clear any blocks you have towards pleasure and intimacy, through meditation, mindfulness, and subtle energy practices.

Working together, we will create a lasting change, giving you choices about your future life, together with the knowledge of how to achieve them. When working with me, you will learn how to transform your thought patterns and utilise these resources to focus on the life you want, rather than constantly battling with your past learned habits.

I work internationally, but live in the south of England on the edge of the beautiful New Forest.  I hold sessions online or in other beautiful settings (including London), depending on your personal needs and location.  Simply connect with me for more details.

NLP Practitioner, Transformational Coaching – Transforming behavious and unhelpful patterns

Member of the Association of Professional Coaches (APC)

“The coaching session with Anja was absolutely amazing. Lots of tears and breakthroughs and aha-moments. She led me through a role – model and helped me with an exercise that I will be using for sure. I felt and still feel confident that with what I have learned I will be able to approach my relationships differently and more confidently”. Natasha K, Switzeland 

“Anja spent a lot of time understanding my motivations and core values. With a great blend of coaching and meditation techniques she helped me uncover key limiting beliefs which hold me back from achieving my goals. I felt comfortable sharing my story with her and truly felt her being highly invested in my progress”. Pryanki A, London

Anja really understood where I needed to shift in a short space of time. She demonstrated a talent for being insightful and practical with her advice. The clear and simple outcome of the session has stayed with me and continues to help me on my journey. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anja, I both value and trust her guidance and hope she gets the opportunity to share her gifts and knowledge far and wide”.Justine K, London

“Anja is an intuitive, warm and kind coach. She’s obviously very skilled,
so I felt immediately safe with her. We used a technique called core transformation. Although this technique seems quite simple and strange at fi rst sight: it made a profoundprofound difference at many levels in my life. It works mainly at the unconscious level. So I just took it as it came, and trusted the process. We talked about ‘parts’ of me that were actually in conflict with the rest of me, with whom I want to be. These parts were formed in
childhood, and got used to handling things in a certain way. Helpful
back then as a child. As an adult, not anymore. With core transformation
I got to discover these parts (without having to talk in detail about
past experiences, which can be a painful process). After accepting the
parts for what they are, I was able to let them grow into more helpful
parts of myself. All these parts ever wanted was to protect me, to love
me, and be loved back. I can see that now, and this is a beautiful
realisation. It’s all okay. No regrets. Things started to shift in my life, also outside of the parts we worked on. Like a first step in a chain of getting in touch with your true self again. More steps automatically follow. But this is not even the most amazing side of core transformation. Since long I wanted to know what ‘inner peace’ was. I heard talking about it, I read about it, but I I doubted I could ever feel it. But with core transformation I experienced true moments of inner peace and balance. Of course, I don’t feel this all the time. But it gives me an enourmous sense of relief and confidence in life, just by knowing that I am capable of having such moments. I don’t know if everybody will have the same profound effects as I had,but I do know it is possible for others as well. I am very grateful that I was open-minded towards core transformation. Iam also very grateful towards Anja, for guiding me with patience through his process. I knew I was in safe hands. Anja’s authenticity, understanding, empathy, and patience, make it a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend her. Thanks, Anja, for your skills and uniqueness!” Els DR, Norway

“I had an issue whereby I found it very difficult to see my own worth. To establish that I was entitled to have a strong voice and use it. That I had a valid and valuable opinion.  The issue was deeper. Core transformation over time (it is not an instant fix – you have to let the changes seep in and manifest over time) has made a remarkable difference to me. I understand where my “root issue” started or came from.  I have been able to change my behaviour and attitude to myself.  That was not something that happened consciously.  It happened very much on a different level, my subconscious mind digested the process and allowed me to start to behave differently. I can tell you with complete honesty that Core Transformation did exactly that.  I am not the same person.  I am assertive with full confidence of my ability without making the mistake of thinking I am super woman or becoming narcissistic ! I now do not doubt my ability.  I am aware of what I can and can not do but when I am able to do something – I speak up, I take responsibility and I am able to work through issues deftly. There is great liberation for me – I am working at a much faster pace. My outputs are higher performance and I have pride in the fact that I can say what I want to now, without feeling like I am dogmatic or trying to protest too much.  I have an authentic assertive and confident manner now.  I am fully aware of where the issue I identified arose from and I understand it.  Years of therapy did not get to the bottom of my issues.  Therapy did not unveil what Core Transformation did. I know I am excellent at what I do. That I can still make errors so I need to be self aware and thorough. And fundamentally I know that what caused my lack of ability to use my voice, be assertive and see my worth can change, that I could transform.  The process changed me.  People have seen that shift.  I am less tolerant and happier in my own skin.  I am better with boundaries and pursuing progress, speaking what I believe is right when I need to.  There is such freedom in that. Core transformation may not work for everyone. I can’t say it will.  I know it is not a miracle.  I had to concentrate and engage 100 % in the sessions.  I had to be totally immersed in each session.  But the outcome was absolute” Anne H, Ireland

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