Anja’s coaching approach is based on a medieval Japanese Buddhist philosophy which deeply honours and respects all life. It believes that everyone can reach their highest potential here and now, in this lifetime, as it is inherently simply waiting to be uncovered and brought out into the light.

Anja’s mission is to help you discover, realise and own your Inner Mastery while resolving the emotional, mental or physical roadblocks that have been holding you back from performing at your optimal potential. The word ‘guru’ means ‘dispeller of darkness’ and that is what Anja believes her role as a coach is. Anja will help you uncover your greatness and assist you in finding and executing the best strategies to transform your vision into reality. Anja will challenge you, always be honest with you, take you to the edge, make you work hard and hold you accountable and responsible with your best interests at heart. Anja will be cheering you on your journey, helping you move through obstacles, the tough and sometimes low moments that may arise on your path.

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