Yoga & Meditation

Anja’s teaching includes asana (physical postures) yoga practice in the form of vinyasa yoga (dynamic yoga), restorative, yin and therapeutic yoga with precise body alignment.  She further integrates the healing aspects of the ancient yogic knowledge and philosophy that supports your journey towards empowerment, vitality and peace.

In a special co-created space,  you will explore the amazing potential of your body, the power of your mind and the boundless strength of your spirit. Anja will help you to deepen your own practice and go beyond your mind’s limitations.
You will leave the session feeling rejuvenated and energised yet with a deep sense of balance and peace within.

Carefully designed 1:1 sessions may focus on a range of areas including the following:

  • relaxation and restorative yoga to relieve anxiety, tension, insomnia
  • meditation
  • trauma informed yoga & meditation
  • mobility & flexibility
  • strength & stamina
  • focus on specific issues like: lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, shoulder and neck tension
  • creative movement, tapping and somatics, to re-energise and uplift
At the moment Anja only teaches 1:1 clasess but more live in person  and online classes are coming soon!!!
If you would like to receive individually tailored 1:1 tuition or organise a small group session please contact me for further details.

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