The Year of YOU!

Inspiring Day Retreat

Saturday 19 Feb 2022

It is time to achieve your vision and fearlessly manifest your true self into the world. Join The Year of YOU Retreat and get ready to create lasting change and abundance

This one-day retreat will show you how to turn our vision into reality in 2022, by giving you the tools of change, clarity and growth.

If you have struggled to stick to the new year’s intentions and you’re ready to embrace a new vision, The Year if YOU Retreat is here to support you. Keeping up with intentions is all about having a process of release, space and growth that will allow your unconscious mind to make the right choices and lead you to create the vision you’ve always wanted.

This is exactly what we’ll do during The Year of YOU Retreat!

Together, we’ll make sure you can have the best year ever and we’ll take you on a journey where your true authentic self can finally become alive and be your reality.

Here’s what the retreat includes:

  • Morning cleansing practice and meditation – creating space for the new to come; tapping into our deepest desires, vision & purpose to make sure we are playing BIG & BOLD
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Group Coaching Session – accessing our unconscious mind – the goal getter!
  • Deep rest restorative session – integration and assimilation – allowing it all to permeate the inmost layers of our being

Through each activity, we will create the ground for your intentions, clear your mind and use neuro-linguistic programming techniques to achieve prosperity and success.

You will leave with a deep sense of clarity, confidence and peace, knowing you are ready to truly keep your own promises and create the life you desire.

The retreat runs on Sat 19 February 2022 from 9.30am-6.30pm at the wonderful Retreat New Forest, Hinton BH23 7EF. The investment is £149 and it includes delicious vegan lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

I promise you it will be a life-changing experience that will truly make 2022 The Year of YOU.

I am excited to see you thrive and see your vision turn into reality!

Ready to join? Click here to sign up today!

If you would like to stay overnight and enjoy the beauty of the New Forest there is accommodation available at location. Please follow the link to explore your options

If you wish to treat yourself to a massage, acupuncture or a transformational coaching session, either before or after the retreat, please feel free to reach out at 079 4056 2813 or via email at

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